Aocorry OXY019-2-OXY025-2--01 Upstream Downstream Oxygen 725704373617 Sensor 4PCS

fits model: Mustang, Thunderbird. make: Ford. year: 2002-2005.

Oxy025  Oxy019 2 -01 Aocorry Upstream Downstream Oxygen Sensor For Ford Mustang 725704373617

( Type: Oxygen Sensor ), ( Brand: AOCORRY ), ( Manufacturer Part Number: OXY019 2 OXY025 2 -01 ), ( Interchange Part Number: Fit for 1999 -2010 FORD MUSTANG V6 V8 models ), ( Other Part Number: Fit for FORD only ), ( Warranty: 5 Year ), ( Fitment Type: Direct Replacement ), ( UPC: 725704373617 ), ( Postion: Upstream Downstream )

AOCORRY OXY019 2 OXY025 -01 Sensor Description

In order to keep our prices low, we have the following purchasing policies: payment accept payments via Paypal. The Obed ii system also monitors heater circuit and will set a trouble code if inside o2 sensor is defective. Contact us AOCORRY business hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm est Saturday Sunday: 10:00 3:00 please feel free also trough if you have any question about the items, we will do our best serve. If it has a distributor less ignition system dis or coil-on-plug cop ignition, the plug wires coils may have lettering marking indicating cylinder numbers.

Instead of producing a high or low voltage signal, the signal changes in direct proportion to amount oxygen exhaust. Return policy if you are not satisfied with the item when received it, please contact us as soon possible, we will do our best to meet your satisfaction. If the o2 sensor is a traditional zircon type sensor, voltage output drops to about 0. Position 2 upstream downstream FORD MUSTANG v8 4.

This provides a more precise measurement for better fuel control. These sensors are also called wide band oxygen because they can read very lean air fuel mixtures. The hot exhaust from engine will provide enough heat to bring an o2 sensor up operating temperature, but it make take several minutes depending on ambient load and speed. If a v6, v8 or v10 engine has dual exhausts with converters, the downstream o2 sensors would be labeled bank 1, sensor 2 and 2.

On a gm front-wheel drive car or minivan with transverse sideways mounted engine, the number one cylinder is front side of engine closest to radiator right passenger. Bank 1 sensor might be the back o2 on a transverse v6, or it one front exhaust manifold. The sensors voltage reading should also be fairly steady not changing up or down, and average 0. Oxygen sensor q a how many sensors are on to days engines. It depends the model year and type of engine.

One way to find number cylinder so you can identify bank 1 is look at the ignition system. On later model vehicles with Obed ii some 1993 and '94 model's, all 1995 newer models, one or two additional oxygen sensors are also mounted in behind the catalytic converter to monitor efficiency. 4l Vin x position 2 upstream downstream 2004 FORD MUSTANG v6 3. How does a downstream o2 sensor monitor converter efficiency. A oxygen in or behind the catalytic works exactly same as an upstream exhaust manifold.

The oxygen sensors location will be identified by position sensor 1, 2 or 3, and cylinder bank 1. The high or low voltage signal tells Cm fuel mixture is rich lean. 2 volts when the fuel mixture is lean more oxygen in exhaust. So all of the oxygen sensors will be bank 1.

On some newer vehicles, a new type of wide ratio air fuel RAF sensor is used. During this time, the fuel feedback control system remains in open loop and does not use o2 sensor signal to adjust mixture. Return postage is at buyer expense, unless the due to a verifiable fault our end. If you want to return the item for exchange or refund, please contact us within 2 weeks after received.

See troubleshooting a p0420 catalyst code for more info about converter problems. Heated o2 sensors typically have two-three or four wires the extra are for heater circuit. Visa MasterCard, discover, American express shipping items will be shipped within 24 hours after complete the payment. If the upstream and downstream o2 sensors are functioning properly show a drop off in converter efficiency, must be replaced to restore emissions compliance.

At that point, additional diagnosis may be needed to confirm the failing converter. Built and tested to strict quality control standards. This allows the computer to monitor air fuel mixture from each bank of cylinders. These are referred to as the downstream o2 sensors, and thee will be one for each converter if engine has dual exhausts with separate converters.

0l position 2 upstream downstream FORD MUSTANG v8 4. This information can be difficult to find. The sensor produces a voltage that changes when amount of unburned oxygen in exhaust. On v6, v8 and v10 engines, there are usually two oxygen sensors, one in each exhaust manifold.

Wires 4 interchange part number f1uf9f472ba, f1uz9f472b, f3uf9f472ba, f3uf9f472bb, f3uf9f472bc, f3uz9f472b, f48f9f472bb, f48f9f472bc, f48z9f472b, f4af9f472aa, f4af9f472ba, f4az9f472a, f4az9f472b, f4uf9f472ba, f4uz9f472b, f4zf9g444bb, f4zz9g444a the items are fit for fooling vehicles: year make model engine notes FORD MUSTANG v6 3. The oxygen sensor or air fuel closest to engine in exhaust manifold will always be 1. How are the oxygen sensors identified on a scan tool. When displayed tool, right and left upstream typically labeled bank 1, sensor 1/2. Full kit 4pcs brand new upstream downstream o2 oxygen sensor for FORD MUSTANG and THUNDERBIRD OE only specification: direct plug-in replacement.

Whats the difference between a heated and unheated oxygen sensor. Heated sensors have an internal heater circuit that brings sensor up to operating temperature more quickly than. Please keep the packing stuff after you get package, as sometimes it will be used if there is any problem. Its important to know how the o2 sensors are identified because a diagnostic trouble code that indicates faulty sensor requires specific be replaced. The vehicle will not pass an Obed ii emissions test if there are any converter codes in Cm.

A reciprocal positive feedback will be left for all the ones received. On gm and Chrysler v6 v8 engines, cylinder number one is typically the left front drivers side in a rear-wheel drive car or truck. Some ems clearly identify which o2 sensor is but others do not. Quality and accuracy right parts of your car price service shipping time if you have a question about part should contact us before buying.

The heater is part of sensor and cannot be replaced separately, so if circuit open or shorted problem not in external wiring connector, o2 must. 45 volts or higher. Based on factories supply chain, high quality and good reputation in the field, we look forward to serve you for your vehicle needs. You have 30 days for return the item.

If you have any questions complaints please feel free to contact us before leave feedback. This typically results in a rich fuel mixture, wasted and higher emissions. On a scan tool, the downstream sensor four or straight six cylinder engine with single exhaust is typically labeled bank 1, 2. If the converter is doing its job and reducing pollutants in exhaust, downstream oxygen sensor should show little activity few lean-to-rich transitions, which are also called cross counts.

Oxygen sensor locations when troubleshooting problems with a scan tool, you may find diagnostic trouble code for one of the o2 sensors. AOCORRY is proud to offer you the best price and fastest service for all your aftermarket parts needs. On a v6, v8 or v10 engine, the downstream o2 sensor might be labeled bank 1/2 , 2. Its important to accurately identify which oxygen sensor is so you can replace the correct.

On most four and straight six cylinder engines, there is usually a single oxygen sensor mounted in the exhaust manifold. There is not a lot of consistency as from one vehicle manufacturer to another how o2 sensors are labeled, so always refer the oem service literature find out which sensor bank 1 and 2. On FORD v6 and v8 engines, for example, cylinder number one is typically the right front passenger side in a rear-wheel drive car or truck. By adding an internal heater circuit to the oxygen sensor, voltage can be routed through as soon engine starts warm up sensor.

Service guidance welcome to AOCORRY, we carry replacement auto parts at the most factory prices of cars and trucks. When the fuel mixture is rich less oxygen in exhaust, sensors output jumps up to a high of about 0. 8l position 2 upstream downstream FORD MUSTANG v8 4. On a Chrysler front-wheel drive car or minivan with transverse sideways mounted engine, the number one cylinder is back side of engine closest to firewall right passenger like FORD.

If converter efficiency had declined to the point where vehicle may be exceeding pollution limit, Cm will turn on malfunction indicator lamp mil and set a diagnostic trouble code. We always strive for all 5 star dsr detailed seller ratings and positive feedback. Most late model engines have multiple oxygen sensors, so which one is sensor 1, 2 or 3, and how do you know cylinder bank 1/2. On straight four six engines, there only of cylinders. Wholesale inquiries are welcome after-sales service your satisfaction is the most important thing we pursue.

AOCORRY OXY019 2 OXY025 -01 Sensor Specifications


  • brand: Aocorry
  • mpn: Oxy019 2 Oxy025 2 -01
  • upc: 725704373617
  • interchange part number: Fit For 1999-2010 Ford Mustang V6 V8 Models
  • other part number: Fit For Ford Only
  • sku: 3982268940382


  • for models: Mustang, Thunderbird
  • for makes: Ford
  • for years: 2002-2005
  • type: Oxygen Sensor
  • warranty: 5 Year
  • fitment type: Direct Replacement
  • postion: Upstream Downstream
  • types: Sensor


  • availability: In Stock
  • currency: USD
  • category: Auto Parts > Air Intake Fuel Delivery > Ford Sensors
  • condition: New

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